The Bathroom: Supplies List

November 5, 2014

First things first - the black and white towels which a few people wanted to know about of course were the only thing I didn't buy here. They're from Hawaii, and bought before the bathroom renovation was planned, but at a bargain $6 each they were too good to pass up! Now we have black towels too, which I love, but they left a halo of black fluff everywhere the first few times we used them.

Here's a recap of the full bathroom renovation, which took 12 days from start to finish:

Days 1 & 2: demolition of old bathroom
Days 3 - 11: construction of new bathroom
Day 12: painting, hanging prints, etc.

Summaries of the demolition and days 1 - 4 here, and days 5- 9 here. (The first 2 days are Demo Day 1 and Demo Day 2 and then the renovation proper starts on Day 1). We sourced all the materials by driving (almost) all over Melbourne over 2 weekends and visiting more Bunnings and Masters stores than I care to ever see for a long time.  Below is a list of where everything came from and some notes on how some things are faring.

Basin tapware: Phoenix Aria Lever
Very happy with these, well made, great price and Australian made.

Shaving/Medicine Cabinet: from Bunnings on sale, no longer on website.
Shaving mirror: Kmart (not on website but similar at IKEA for $6, $7 at Kmart!)
Vase: Bed Bath N'Table, old but they have similar styles available
Toothbrush holderFreedom, on sale, no longer available

Handwash dispenser: Morgan & Finch Ritz
The marble is porous so can mark if soap is left to dry on it.

Vanity unit: Marbletrend Flinders Vanity (3 Tap Holes)
Great for an off-the-shelf vanity, good price and has soft close doors and drawers.

Black Towels: Canningvale Corduroy Rib
They're meant to be fast drying and absorbent - absorbent yes, but not so quick on the drying time.

Shower head: Brodware Neu England (we got the shower head only on special at E & S Trading, not the set which includes the taps).
Standard shower head with no fancy settings like a massage option, but the head is fully adjustable. Not super high water pressure but that's probably the plumbing, not the shower head itself.  Great quality and Australian made.

Bath/Shower Mixer/DiverterBrodware Neu England
Our splurge item. We found it really hard to find taps, shower heads and diverters which complemented each other.  We'd find a range of taps we liked, then there would be no matching shower head, or no diverter option at all, and that's how we came to have a mix of Phoenix and Brodware fittings.

Bath SpoutPhoenix Aria Lever
We used just the spout from the set as we couldn't find a spout sold solo that blended with the other fittings.

I'm going to buy another, it's so soft and dries quickly. IKEA have a very similar bath mat for half the price, but it's half the size of this one.

Bath Screen: Highgrove Nova
This ended up being swapped for another screen at the last minute when the measurements were miscalculated, so not sure where the tradie got the replacement screen from, but this is the cheapest around.

Towel Rail/Hand Towel Ring/Toilet Paper Holder: Brewers Project - rail, ring and holder
One of the cheapest ranges at Masters but also one of the nicest looking. Good quality for the price.

Hexagon Floor Tiles: Elegance Tiles 8cm Hex

Black and White Prints: Private Manhattan and Well Read, Leigh Viner

Toilet brush: Morgan & Finch Ritz
The brush has black bristles which should keep it looking nice for a lot longer than it's white-bristled counterparts.

Paint: Dulux Lexicon Quarter Strength

That's it!

The Bathroom: A 12 Day Renovation [Complete!]

September 28, 2014

Here's the new and completely finished bathroom!  It took 12 days to renovate from start to finish (the post title kinda gives that away) and for once we have a room that is 100% done. I'll do another post with a list of where everything came from soon, but before then you can see what the room looked like before we started and how we got to our new bathroom here and here.

It's been just over a month since the renovation was finished and the biggest surprise we've found so far is just how easy this room is to keep clean, despite it being mostly floor to ceiling white.  I thought that the floor might be difficult to maintain, but the matte finish on the tiles seems to make keeping the floor clean much easier compared to the gloss floor tiles we previously had in here.

The bathroom turned out exactly how I thought it would and it's just so much nicer to be in this room now - it's brighter, feels more spacious thanks to the layout change and there's a bath.  I LOVE baths.

A Tour Through Blogland

September 15, 2014

I have been invited on A Tour through Blogland by Michelle of Jarrah Jungle - thanks, Michelle! Be sure to stop by Michelle's blog and have a read through her renovations, recipes and book reviews, she is one busy lady over there in Perth.  

The tour consists of 4 questions for me to answer so here goes:

1) What am I working on?

Finishing up the toilet room/powder room, whatever you want to call it. We actually tiled the floor and painted the walls when we did our laundry renovation about a year ago (the toilet adjoins the laundry), but I decided about 6 weeks ago that the walls needed to be wallpapered (above left).  There is a finishing touch or two to do before that project gets a post. I liked this wallpaper as soon as I saw it (I have no particular fondness for swans in case you are wondering). We also just finished having our bathroom renovated (not posted yet either) and that's the new bath in the pic on the right.

2) How does my work differ from others in the DIY/Decorating genre?

I don't think it does, I'm just one in a sea of DIY/Decorating blogs. I make, paint and renovate like the rest of them. I decorate my home mostly with black, white and grey, while most blogs I read tend to incorporate more colour - that's a difference I guess.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Not sure, and some days I do wonder why I blog.  Maybe it is a little odd to put pictures of your house on the internet? I can't decide. I have found other blogger's posts on putting in a pool or renovating a laundry helpful though, so when I do a post on our renovations, I'm just adding my 2 cents really. I try to blog only when I have something decent to share, so maybe once a week. I did post more often a while back, but it was a bunch of nonsense so I hit the delete button on those posts.

4) How does your writing/creating process work?

I take photos and put them in the post and then write the post around the photos. I don't think too much about what I write (that's probably obvious), I just try and keep things straightforward if I'm describing how I/we did something. I include the problems and stuff ups too because it's important to show that renovating is a disaster prone endeavour at the best of times. I blog mostly on weekends, although I like to take a couple of days to write a post - it's too much work all at once. It's just a hobby after all!

So thank you for reading my A Tour through Blogland and once again, thank you Michelle for the invitation to participate. 

Now, I get to nominate 2 bloggers to pass this on to. I was supposed to email my 2 bloggers to warn them but I didn't get a chance, but I am nominating KL of Eternalicons and Laura of Elsee blog (ladies, if you are happy to play along, just answer the 4 questions above in your own blog post and then nominate your own 2 bloggers to pass this on to).  I was also meant to post a little about each of my 2 choices -  KL embraces plenty of black like me and is in the middle of building a beautiful home, while Laura has some DIYs to covet (headboard and tufted banquette to name two) and recently renovated her kitchen which is so pretty! I think you should just click over and have a read to find out more!