The Bathroom: Time to Renovate

August 13, 2014

After the kitchen, the bathroom has been the one room in the house I've been really looking forward to renovating. Like the kitchen, modernising the bathroom would involve a bit more work than just a coat of paint to make the layout more functional.  I guess the title of the post gives it away, but we're renovating our bathroom...

You can see from the above picture that we are working with the confines of what seems to be the smallest bathroom a 3 bedroom house has ever seen - a teeny 2.4 metres x 1.8 metres (approx.) I will post proper before pictures in a separate progress post to show the room off in all it's peachy-beige '90's glory as we go along.

With those small room measurements we've had to really think about everything that goes in or comes out of the room. My bathroom board on Pinterest has been the board I've pinned to the most lately, and above are my 4 favourite bathroom pins and inspiration for the new bathroom.  Based on these images and our bathroom's size, my mood board is lots of white, a dash of black and plenty of subway tile for a 'modern traditional' kind of look. Plumbing fixtures will be chrome - although I did lobby for gold at one point, I think when it comes down to it, these sorts of renovations aren't cheap and you want to choose fixtures and fittings that will have some degree of longevity.

For the flooring we will be using  hexagon floor tiles in a slightly larger size than in the mood board. I was really keen on getting basket weave tile in the beginning, but we went tile shopping and found out it would be about $1000 for 3 square metres of lovely marble basket weave and re-thought that idea pretty quickly.  As this type of tile also tends to look better with a border tile around the edge and requires sealing and so on, it was getting more complicated than either of us wanted it to be and while we did consider the basket weave for a bit, we decided to go with the hexagon style instead and both of us are happy with that choice (I'm flipping from 'I' to 'We' in this post as I was allowed full design responsibility this time around but some decisions did require a bit of discussion).

Bespoke Tile and Stone
We're hiring the job out this time, so progress will be a lot faster and means the room will be finished in the time it would take us just to tile the floor.  Back with progress posts soon.

The Lighting: New Kitchen and Bedroom Pendants

August 5, 2014

When the electrician was in to install the new lighting to the 2 spare bedrooms over Easter (more on that below), we also had him install 2 new pendant lights over the kitchen island. I'd never been 100% happy with the previous lights I had selected (you can see those here) which I had bought on impulse.  I was OK with them for a bit, but as time went on I felt they were too small for the space and could have been so much better. One day I was in Beacon Lighting having a look around and came across the Southampton range...

I thought about the Southampton lights for a couple of months (this Polyhedron was in the running for a bit as well but I think it works better solo as opposed to a pair), but we were doing other house things and new kitchen pendants weren't a priority until a little while later when Beacon had a sale and I thought, yep, why not? Because if something is on sale, it's clearly meant to be.

They are definitely a more dramatic look and I think an improvement. I'm really happy with how they look and the height they seem to add to the already high kitchen ceilings (what I don't love is that ugly, yellow cooling vent which I've been meaning to fix for years now.  I'm also possibly going to re-paint the kitchen walls a different white for a little contrast, as the white I picked out and used here is too much the same as the cabinets).

In the bedrooms we installed the same fixture in each room, cheapies from Bunnings (the style is 'Renata' but I can't see them on the website).   I've already shown the finished guest room with the ceiling rose above, but below is the other bedroom - with ceiling repairs and paint still to come (more painting, it never ends!) and another yellowed cooling vent to contend with.

By the way, if you go with a light fixture like the Southampton you'll need to invest in Edison bulbs. If you use regular light bulbs you'll need to wear sunnies every time you enter the room :)

The Guest Room: Almost Done

July 25, 2014

Most of the guest room makeover was completed before our Hawaiian holiday but since then it has come to a bit of a standstill. The repairs to the cornice and ceiling, and the painting in general, took so much longer than anticipated that once the furniture was in and things were working I ran out of steam . That's not always a bad thing though, sometimes I think it helps to not look at a room for a bit and then go back with fresh eyes to finish it off (my excuse). Anyway, the bed and wardrobe are in, the light works and the cornice hasn't fallen off so all I need now is to hang another frame or two, move in some bedside tables and that should about do it.

This glass box is resting upon the current bedside tables, a not too old pair we bought to go with our old bed, in our house before this one.  I'm planning on moving these tables to the master bedroom after they've had a makeover too, as it seems a waste to get rid of them as they're not that old and in perfect condition - but that brown wood just isn't doing anything for me any more.  Then the bedside tables currently in the master bedroom (which are white) will come into the guest room. Follow all that?

Hopefully I'll be back before the end of the year with a completed room.